Email marketing continues to be one of the highest converting marketing channels around. Email Marketing is one of the most personalized methods to reach customers and maintain top of mind brand awareness. Here at Midnight Marketing, we practice various types of email marketing management.

Simple. Easy. Effective. 

We use our optimized templates & Powerful list-building tools to boost your success! We provide Expert advice and 24/7 support to all of our clients. We provide everything you need to connect with customers, grow your business, and watch big-time results pour in—in real time. It doesn't get any better than this.

Emails built for your business and your industry.

Our modern, mobile-optimized funnels make it easy to engage clients, build customer data, and send professional emails that actually work for in the cannabis industry.


Crafting the Email

We create emails that will actually be opened! Using customer data allows us to create personalized emails to drive important customer actions and deliver a truly personal contact method to your audience.

Segmenting Subscribers

We can target the perfect customers for each campaign! This improves relevancy and therefore increase response rates of your messages, leads, transaction and overall customers acquisition.

Mobile Optimization and Split Testing

We cater to customers on the go! We create emails that look beautiful both on desktop and mobile devices! We test our emails and use real time data to see what works best for your store!


By automating certain email activities, we can focus on giving customers better experiences in other ways. Some common types of automation activities are, Welcome Emails, Thank You Emails, Transaction Emails and alike. These automated trigger emails perform much better than traditional emails when it comes to Open Rates, Click Through, and Conversions. We bring customers back to your website!